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Family of winegrowers for 5 generations in the commune of Les Marches in Savoie, faithful to traditions and open to modernity, we produce wines with protected designation of origin. Located in the foothills of the Chartreuse Massif, the estate extends over 10 hectares in the Savoy and Roussette de Savoie appellations.


In the vineyard as well as in the cellar, all the stages of production are elaborated by our care respecting the typicity of each grape variety to produce 15 different vintages

Abymes, Apremont, Roussette de Savoie, Savoie wines, Pinot Noir, Malvoisie, Crémant de Savoie.

Most of our production is sold to gourmet restaurants, wine shops and individuals, but you can find all our products online by clicking here.


The Blard family from 1930 to today:

Until the middle of the 20th century, a peasant family,
like most Savoyard and French families, the Blard family supported itself by cultivating crops (wheat, corn, etc.), raising livestock (cows, pigs, horses), and selling and working the vineyard.
The vineyard was initially composed of small plots cultivated for personal use. It was located around the cellar, the building where the horse, the equipment, the press, the tuns and the cellar were grouped. The grape varieties harvested at that time were Jacquère, Verdesse, Muscat, Gamay and Persan.

1945, a family of farmers

At the end of the Second World War, the rural world underwent a great change with the rural exodus which emptied the countryside and the vineyards. The peasant families that remained in place specialized in one activity, going from peasants to farmers.

1952. Harvesting at the place called "le Darbé". On the right Pierre BLARD

Our family will thus produce, to sell its harvests. Pierre and Georgette BLARD (1930-2014) specialize in viticulture while keeping a few cows, a horse to work the vineyard and a few plots of cereals. He bought or rented plots from surrounding families, tore out vines and replanted them.

The 70s, between mechanization and tradition

Mechanization made its appearance and replaced the horse and the hardest work. The plots of land are restructured and replanted to allow the passage of the wine-making machines.

It was in 1973 that the AOC Vins de Savoie was created. The domain extends over the Crus Abymes and Apremont. The Verdesses, Gamay and Persan grape varieties were pulled out to concentrate on these two Crus in Jacquère. The harvest was initially sold to merchants in the form of juice or bulk wine.

The 80's, the modernization of techniques

Jean-Noël BLARD settles on the Domaine after studying viticulture in Beaune. Bottling and direct sales became widespread and the Domaine expanded. In the vineyard as well as in the cellar, the tools and techniques are modernized.

Today, 10 hectares of vines are exploited in a traditional way, always in family.

Our commitments

With the recent installation of Thomas BLARD on the farm, the cultivation techniques are being improved to limit chemical inputs and move towards sustainable viticulture.

  • 2015 end of chemical weed killers on the entire wine estate

  • 2018 first Biological treatment

  • 2023 Organic Viticulture Certification

New products were born such as the Malvoisie, the Crémant de Savoie Cuvée Brut Alpin and Brut Alpin Rosé, the Vins Natures and the Mondeuse Noire Arbin.

Taking care of our heritage, to give future generations a preserved legacy.

the family

Behind each bottle, 7 pairs of hands have worked for you.

Blard & Sons, it is above all these employees and seasonal workers thanks to whom we are moving forward!

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